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Appending and extracting user data files from MP4 and QuickTime media files with AtomBox Studio

This tutorial will demonstrate how to append and extract user data binary file from MP4 or MOV compatible file with AtomBox Studio solution.

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AtomBox Studio provides the ability to append any binary file, converting it to a valid atom/box and attaching it at the end of the file opened in AtomBox Studio.

1. Starting AtomBox Studio application and opening a MP4 media file.

2. Select “Append Data To New Atom/Box” from the “Tools” menu.

3. Select any file that you want to attach to the opened in AtomBox Studio media file.

4. Select the name of the atom/box which will be attached at the end of the file.

The selected file will be wrapped into a valid atom/box with the specified name and will be attached at the end of the file, keeping the existing structure of the file valid and correct.

Once encapsulated the user data can be extracted from the appended atom/box.

1. Select the atom/box and choose “Extract Selected Atom/Box Data” either from the “Tools” menu or right-click on the atom/box and select it from the pop-up menu. Enter the name of the binary file, which will be generated and click “Save”.

The binary data is created with the content of the selected atom/box. It is important to note that not only user data atoms/boxes can be extracted this way, but any atom/box on any hierarchical level in a valid MP4 or MOV based file.

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