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Extracting and appending atoms/boxes from MP4 and QuickTime media files with AtomBox Studio

This tutorial will demonstrate how to extract atom/box from an existing MP4 or MOV compatible file with AtomBox Studio solution and then append the same atom/box to another MP4 or MOV file.

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AtomBox Studio provides the ability to extract any atom/box from the file opened in application. The atom/box can be placed on any hierarchical level – the atom/box all the sub-atom/boxes, including the size and the type of the atom/box will be extracted into separate file.

1. Starting AtomBox Studio application and opening a MP4 media file.

2. Select the atom/box which will be extracted and select “Extract Selected Atom/Box” either from the “Tools” menu or right-clicking on the atom to be extracted and selecting from the pop-up menu.

3. Choose file name for the extracted atom data and save.

The extracted file will contain all the data included into the selected atom/box, including the atom/box size, type and all sub-atom/boxes.

Once extracted the atom/box can be appended at the end of any existing MP4 or MOV based file.

4. Open the MP4 or MOV file, where the exported atom/box file needs to be appended and select “Append Extracted Atom/Box” from the “Tools” menu.

5. A File Open Dialog opens for file selection. Choose previously extracted atom/box. It is important that the selected file must contain a valid atom/box data with valid size field.

If the file is recognized as valid atom/box file it will be appended at the end of the opened file structure.

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