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Remultiplexing tracks of MP4 or QuickTime based media files with AtomBox Studio

This tutorial will demonstrate how to remultiplex one or all track from existing MP4 or MOV compatible file with AtomBox Studio solution to separate MP4/MOV file.

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AtomBox Studio has built-in MP4/MOV remultiplexer, enabling the solution to extract one or all the audio, video and text tracks, multiplex them separately into MP4/MOV container and save them.

1. Starting AtomBox Studio application and opening a MP4 media file.

All the tracks are located in the ‘moov’ atom/box on its root level. More information about each track type and parameters can be found on the right quick info panel.

2. To remultiplex one track only you need to select the track in the main tree-view and to select “Remultiplex Selected Track” either from the “Tools” menu or by right-clicking on the track and selecting the option from the pop-up menu.

A Save Dialog opens for destination file selection. Type a file name and click save.

The stream is remultiplexed and saved to another MP4/MOV file. The stream is only remultiplexed, without any re-encoding applied, meaning that the quality remains the same as in the original file.

It is also possible to remultiplex all the current tracks from the loaded MP4/MOV file. Each track is remultiplexed into separate file.

3. To remultiplex all the track you need to select “Remultiplex All Track” from the “Tools” menu. Again Save Dialog opens for destination file names selection. Clicking save will remultiplex all the existing tracks to separate MP4/MOV file.

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